FINALLY! Finalists Announced for the 2nd Zhuhai International Mozart Competition for Young Musicians


As the candidates of piano and violin in Group C finished their performances in the Semi-Finals in the late afternoon of September 18th, the Semi-Final Session of the 2nd Zhuhai International Mozart Competition for Young Musicians this year has officially closed, and the Finals of the Zhuhai Mozart Competition will start on the following day.

In the 3 days of the Semi-Final Session starting from September 16th, the candidates from the 3 groups of each instruments have given their performances with only 3 finalists have been selected from each group. The promotion rate of 25% made the competitions in the Semi-Finals extremely fierce, which attracted many audiences, including local music lovers and professionals from other parts of China and abroad, to spend their almost entire weekend in the Zhuhai Huafa & CPAA Grand Theater.

Comparing to the First Round, the repertoires in the Semi-Finals of each group has been further expanded with a fuller spectrum of artistic styles, and much more demanding skills. For example, the candidates of Piano Group C in the Semi-Final Session would need to perform one Mozart sonata (composed after KV. 309), one set of variations from Mozart, one solo piece from Romanticism composers such as Mendelssohn, Chopin or Schumann , one solo piece from late-Romantic period or Nationalism composers such as Ravel or Bartok, plus one piece chosen by the participant. Each participant's performance lasted for at least 40 minutes, which made each performance almost a small recital. Such expanded repertoires have allowed the participants to fully exhibit their skills and artistic styles.

The Finals of each group in this year's Zhuhai International Mozart Competition for Young Musicians would be held in Zhuhai Huafa & CPAA Grand Theater from September 19th to 23rd, and the finalists would perform their concertos with the Salzburg Chamber Soloists, under the direction of the renowned violinist and conductor Lavard Skou-Larsen. As one of the leading ensembles from Salzburg, the Salzburg Chamber Soloists has cooperated with many famous artists. Their performances in many festivals and important concert halls have won great acclaims from critics, especially towards their authoritative interpretation of works by Mozart. It would be a precious chance for the young talents to work with such a world-top ensemble. Surely, the Finals starting in this week would be wonderfully beyond imagination.

The Finals and the Gala Concert on September 24 of the 2nd Zhuhai International Mozart Competition for Young Musicians will be live broadcasted through LETV, please kindly check the link below: