The application system can be accessed from Jan. 15th, 2023 through May 7th, 2023.



The application fee shall be paid via bank transfer, and please upload the payment slip to the application system.



Recording MP4/MOV format pre-screening video, and uploading the video to a shareable drive.



Having received the applicants' documents, the Organizing Committee will inform the candidates of their qualification to the public rounds on or before May 31st, 2023.

Notes for Application

1.   Create your personal account, fill in required information and upload required documents after log-in.

2.    The application fee is 100 USD per capita, which is non-refundable, and should be paid via bank transfer. Please include the applicant's full name and the group he/she belongs to in the payment reference (full name, Violin/Piano A/B/C, 2023 Zhuhai Mozart). The beneficiary's account details are for your reference:

Beneficiary's Name: ZHUHAI HUAFA AND CPAA MANAGEMENT CO., LTD. (Please make sure that you fill in the complete name without any omission.)


Bank Address: NO.29 ZHONG SHENG ROAD WANZAI TOWN ZHUHAI CITY GUANGDONG CHINA (Please make sure that you fill in the complete address without any omission.)

Account No.: 660070658400


Beneficiary's Address: Huafa and CPAA Grand Theater, No. 1663 Yinwan Road, Wanzai, Zhuhai, China

* Charge for the remittance is covered by the remitter.

* If you cannot include all letters of beneficiary's name, bank and addresses in their individual field, please include the complete information in payment reference.

3.  Having paid the application fee, please carefully keep the remittance and upload the scanned copy (or screenshot of online payment including the remitter’s name, account number and time of payment, etc.) to the online application system. Please finish the remittance before submitting the online application.

4.     Before clicking 'submit', applicants are allowed to update their information before the system is closed (system closed at GMT+8 12 am 8 May, 2023). Any update to the information is not possible after the online application system is closed.

5.   Applicants are required to record MP4/MOV format pre-screening video (Click to check Repertoire of Pre-Selection.pdf),  upload the video to a shareable drive, i.e. Baidu Netdisk, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., (YouTube/Youku/ is not suggested) and fill in the link for downloading the video (and password for collecting the video, if any) in the application form on or before 7 May 2023.

6.    Upon successfully receiving the applicant's pre-screening video(s) and his/her application fee, the Competition will send the applicant a letter of confirmation via email, which indicates the application is complete and valid.

7.    An application will be invalid if the required documents are incomplete (including unsuccessful payment of the application fee). The Competition will keep all the documents submitted by the applicants confidential, and reserves the right to ask for supplementary document(s).