Rules and Regulations

Participation in the competition indicates full acceptance of the conditions below. In case of ambiguity, the Chinese text of the conditions prevails. The Zhuhai International Mozart Competition for Young Musicians reserves final interpretation of the Conditions.



The Competition is open to young musicians of all nationalities aged under 23. The following dates should be noted for the different age categories:

Ÿ   Group A: Born in 2011 and younger (12 years and under)

Ÿ   Group B: Born between 2007 and 2010 (13 – 16 years)

Ÿ   Group C: Born between 2000 and 2006 (17 – 23 years)



The application fee is 100 USD per capita and is non-refundable, and the application should be submitted online on or before 7 May 2023 (GMT+8 23:59).



Candidates will be shortlisted through pre-screening of submitted recordings. This process is audited independently, and the decision of the jury is legally final. The applicant will be informed of his/her qualification to the public rounds on or before 31 May 2023.



1)    The order of works to be performed in each round can be determined by the candidate.

2)      Repeats are left to the choice of the candidates, with consideration for stylistic norms and program duration.

3)      Candidates must confirm their repertoires by the date stipulated in the admission letter, after which, the programs are binding and no changes may be made unless required by the Artistic Committee.


Order of Performance

The order of performance for the candidates in public rounds is determined by drawing lots. This order will apply for all rounds of the competition.


Travel and Accommodation

1)      Each candidate qualified to the public rounds will be provided with travel subsidy (public transport), and the actual amount of subsidy is based on where the candidate's current school is. Candidates should provide proof (original hard copy) of their travel (referring to samples)e.g. air tickets with boarding passes, railway tickets, ferry tickets, bus tickets or any other valid travel documents, on which amounts of expenses should be clearly illustrated. Subsidy is provided according to the following   principles:

Ÿ  Candidate studying in Europe, Americas, Oceania and Africa will receive a subsidy of 400 USD per capita;

Ÿ  Candidate studying in Asia, with the exception of China's Guangdong Province, Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR. will receive a subsidy of 250 USD per capita;

Ÿ  For candidate studying in China's Guangdong Province, Hong Kong SAR, or Macao SAR, if the expense exceeds or is equal to 250 USD, he/she will receive a subsidy of USD 250 per capita; if the expense is less than 250 USD, the subsidy will be the actual amount.

The travel subsidy will be exchanged into Chinese yuan based on the average exchange rate issued by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange of P. R. China on the opening day of 5th Zhuhai International Mozart Competition for Young Musicians and paid to the candidates in cash.

2)     Free accommodation (breakfast included) is provided when a candidate is still competing.

3)      This offer does not include travel subsidy and accommodation costs for private collaborative pianists or travel partners.


Collaborative Pianists

Official collaborative pianists for violinists will be available free of charge for the competition. A violinist may bring his/her own collaborative pianist at his/her own expense.


Jury Decisions

The decisions of the jury are legally final, beyond any appeal. The jury reserves the right to stop a performance.



1)     Prize winners must attend the Awards Ceremony.

2)      The prize winners are committed to performing in free-admission concerts/recitals organized by the Executive Office during the Competition without pay.



The organizer reserves the right to live-stream, broadcast, record, televize, film, and publicize all competition performances. The organizer reserves the copyright of all audio and video productions and offers no payment to candidates.