Rules and Regulations

The Candidates

1. The Competition is open to young violinists and pianists of all nationalities aged under 23.

2. The following dates should be noted for the different age categories:

Ÿ Group A: 12 or younger (born in 2009 or after)

Ÿ Group B: 13 – 16 (born in 2005 – 2008)

Ÿ Group C: 17 – 23 (born in 1998 – 2004)

3. Application deadline: 30 April, 2021 (by 23:59 Beijing time)

4. The Executive Office will inform the admitted applicants of their qualification to the public rounds on or before 20 May, 2021.

5. Any change of the repertoire must be submitted to the Executive Office via email on or before 30 June, 2021. Please submit the updated complete programs for each round. Revision after the due date (including but not restricting to revision to wrong program because of the candidate’s own mistake) is not accepted. Any change of the repertoire during the competition is not allowed.

    Violin A:

    Violin B:

    Violin C:

    Piano A:

    Piano B:

    Piano C:

6. Participation is not possible if the candidate is currently studying with any of the jury members.

7. The Executive Office provides travel subsidy (public transport only) to candidates qualified to the public rounds, and the actual amount of the subsidy is based on where the candidate is currently studying. Candidates should provide original hard copies of their valid economic class air tickets with boarding passes, railway tickets, ferry tickets, bus tickets or any other valid travel documents (samples for reference) on which amounts of expenses should be clearly illustrated. Subsidy is provided according to the following principles:

   Candidates studying in Europe, Americas, Oceania and Africa will receive a subsidy of 400 USD per capita;

   Candidates studying in Asia, including Chinese mainland (except Guangdong Province, Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR) and Taiwan region will receive a subsidy of 250 USD per capita.

   For candidates studying in Guangdong Province, Hong Kong SAR, or Macau SAR, if the expense exceeds or is equal to 250 USD, candidates will receive a subsidy of USD 250 per capita; if the expense is less than 250 USD, the subsidy will be the actual amount.

   The travel subsidy will be exchanged into Chinese yuan based on the average exchange rate issued by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange of P. R. C. on the opening day of 4th Zhuhai International Mozart Competition for Young Musicians and paid to the candidates in Chinese yuan cash.

8. Free accommodation (breakfast included) is provided when a candidate is still competing.

9. The Executive Office does not cover the accompanying parents’ traveling and accommodation expenses. However, the Executive Office can help to make the reservation of catering and accommodation in the designated restaurants and hotels.

10. The Executive Office will allocate the official collaborative pianists to the violinists at no cost. Every violinist will rehearse with his/her pianist for one time before each round. A violinist may bring his/her own accompanist at his/her own expense.

11. The Executive Office must be informed of any change of plan in time during the competition.

12. The decisions of the jury are legally final and not subject to question, review or appeal.

13. Participation in the competition indicates full acceptance of the conditions, including rights for the organizer to live stream, broadcast, record, televise, film and publicize the performances during the competition. The Executive Office reserves the copyright of all audio and video productions and offers no payment to participants.

14. All winners must attend the Closing and Award Ceremony. The absentee is considered to automatically disqualify his/her award.

15. The winners will have the opportunities to engage in concerts or recitals in China or other countries/regions arranged by the Executive Office. (The winners will sign contracts with the Executive Office.)

16. The Executive Office provides necessary documents for Chinese visa application, including but not restricting to official invitation, hotel reservation voucher, etc.

17. The application fee is non-refundable.

18. Participation in the competition includes full acceptance to the above conditions.

19. The Executive Office reserves final interpretation of the Rules and Regulations.

Notes for Application

1. Enter Application, fill in your information after registration and upload required documents.

2. The non-refundable application fee of 100 USD or 700 CNY per capita must be paid via bank transfer. The candidate’s full name as well as the payment reference “Zhuhai Mozart Competition 2021” should be stated on the payment slip. e.g. “A. Smith’s application fee for the Zhuhai Mozart Competition 2021”

Payment of 700 CNY (only for Chinese mainland’s bank account; service charge for the payment should be covered by the payer and please make sure the Executive Office receives the fee without any deduct)

  • Account Name: 珠海华发中演剧院管理有限公司

  • Bank: 中国银行珠海湾仔支行

  • Account No.: 7042 7065 3639

Payment of 100 USD (service charge for the payment should be covered by the payer and please make sure the Executive Office receives the fee without any deduct)

  •  Account Name: ZHUHAI HUAFA AND CPAA MANAGEMENT CO., LTD. (Please make sure that you fill in the complete account name without any omission. If you cannot write the complete account name due to character limit, please include the complete name in comments for payment.)


  • Bank address: NO.29 ZHONG SHENG ROAD WANZAI TOWN ZHUHAI CITY GUANGDONG CHINA (Please make sure that you fill in the complete address without any omission. If you cannot write the complete address to character limit, please include the complete address in comments for payment.)

  • Account No.: 6600 7065 8400


  • Company address: Huafa & CPAA Grand Theater, No. 1663 Yinwan Road, Wanzai, Zhuhai, China

3. Applicants are required to upload their payment slips (or screenshots of online payment including payer’s account information, time of payment, etc.) to the online application system.

4. Before clicking “submit”, applicants are able to update their information before the system is closed (system closed at 12am Beijing time on 1 May, 2021). Any update to the information is not possible after the online application system is closed.

5. An automatic confirmation will be sent to the applicant via email after he/she submits the online application. Applicants don’t need to reply.

6. Each applicant is required to record the pre-selection video (MP4 format), and mail the DVD by post to Zhuhai or Salzburg on or before 25 April, 2021.

    Mail to Zhuhai, China

    Address: Huafa & CPAA Grand Theater, No. 1663 Yinwan Road, Zhuhai, Guangdong, P. R. China

    Zip Code: 519000

    Recipient: Zhuhai International Mozart Competition for Young Musicians

    Tel: +86-(0)756-8816577

    Mail Salzburg, Austria

    Address: University Mozarteum Salzburg, Mirabellplatz 1, A-5020, Salzburg, Austria

    Recipient: Zhuhai International Mozart Competition for Young Musicians

    Tel: +43 662 6198 3031/+43(0)6605111026

7. Upon successfully receiving the applicant’s pre-selection DVD and his/her application fee, the Executive Office will send the applicant a letter of confirmation via email, which indicates the application is complete and valid.

8. An application will be invalid if the required documents are incomplete (also including unsuccessful payment). The Executive Office will strictly keep all the documents submitted by the applicants confidential, and at the same time reserves the right to ask for any supplementary document(s).